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“Qualitative & Radical risk taking by choice defines the individual’s personality and path to victory, Realized success may take time to come but definitely”

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Our Products

Innovative PetroChem India Manufacture Bauxite based adsorbents. The Company sells its innovative products in large and small bulk to worldwide.

Activated Bauxite-AD01

Premium Wax Adsorbent-AD02

Calcined bauxite

Transformer Oil Adsorbent-AD03

Calcined cenosphere cen01

Bauxite based adsorbents for moisture removal

Equilibrium catalyst for fccu e cat

On Going Project

  •   Organic Fertilizer: we are formulating and developing organic fertilizer. It is the blend of several herbs and Minerals. We are expecting to launch this product by the end of 2018.

  •   Organic Pesticides: we are formulating and developing organic pesticides by mixing several herbs which is mostly found in forest.

We are trying connecting tribes to main stream by developing these products. It will give direct employment to most undeveloped segment dwells in the forest

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Latest News
  •  07-12-2018 :- Certificate of Conformity has been awarded to IPI's Oil Polishing Unit for meeting CE Standards.
  •  01-03-2018 :- IPI has launched the WAX POLISHING UNIT to remove the odour and colour from different kind of waxes.
  •  01-12-2015 :- We had commercially started manufacturing Activated Bauxite for the application of removing colour and odour from different oils.
  •  01-12-2016 :- Grand Celebration has been organized in the occasion of establishment of our presence in several countries in just two years of short span of time.
  •  04-02-2019 to 07-02-2019 :-Technical orientation programme on CLAY FREE OIL POLISHING UNIT (COLOUR AND ODOUR REMOVAL) dedicated to Gujrat chapter.